who we are

Being a busy working mom of two kids,  I found it difficult to find the time to keep my home clean while juggling all the responsibilities of a busy life.

When our world was hit with the pandemic and the effects of working from home, and my children being home schooled started to sink in,  it became harder and harder to keep up with my own household cleaning goals!  I found myself wishing I had the power of Mary Poppins – snap my finger and poof! Clean!  

I wanted to find a convenient way to hire a house cleaner without having to have many different individuals coming to my home in order to give me an estimate.

With over 12 years of working in the business industry my goal is to create a company that focuses on providing house cleaning solutions that focus on:

Our Customers – At Cleana we pride ourselves in providing top customer service, backed by our satisfaction guarantee.  All off our customers feel like they are getting VIP treatment-because you are!

Reliable, friendly and efficient cleaning professionals who pay attention to detail. They will go above and beyond to ensure first class service.

Straight forward Affordable pricing

keeping your home or office clean

We’ve got your back, being open 7 days a week allows
us to aid with anyone’s unique schedule.